The Latvian Embassy takes part in the European Day of Languages Celebration

24.10.2011. 16:44

Every year September 26 marks the European Day of Languages, which aims to draw attention to the diversity of languges spoken in Europe. This year in Prague in the culture and language institutes (Goethe Institute, British Council, the Romanian Cultural Centre, the Latvian Culture Center, and others) organized activities dedicated to their language.

Latvian Culture Center organized a program for elementary and middle school children. In the form of games for the ones interested, there was an opportunity to learn about the Latvian language. Visitors could learn about both language differences and similarities.

At the same time in the center of Prague, at Piazetta square there were separate language presentations. Latvian Embassy representatives also participated, presenting the Latvian language. The audience was introduced to the Latvian language in an entertaining way.

During the European Day of Languages, the Goethe Institute’s website had various online quizzes and people were able to take part in a contest dedicated to multilingualism and linguistic diversity. The winners will be notified and the prizes distributed on the 20th of October at the European Commission Representation in Prague.

The European Day of Languages website