Embassy of Latvia gives a presentation on Vestards Šimkus and „Latvijas koncerti”

29.06.2011. 19:21

On June 29 the Embassy of Latvia in Prague in cooperation with the Latvian state agency „Latvijas koncerti” and Prague City will give a presentation on Latvian Professional music. The presentation is designated for organizers of Czech music festivals, music agencies and symphony orchestras. The chairman of „Latvijas koncerti” Mr. Guntars Ķirsis will present information on Latvian music and musicians and the pianist Vestards Šimkus will give a one-hour piano concert.  

The Embassy’s invitation to the presentation invoked great interest. Among the Czech music experts Latvia is known for its numerous musicians who gained remarkable international recognition. The eminence of Latvian professional music as well as the planned presentation will give an opportunity for further development of the Latvian-Czech cooperation in the field of music.     

The presentation will be held under the auspices of the Mayor of Prague City, Mr. Bohuslav Svoboda. In relation to this, it should be mentioned that there has been an ongoing active cooperation between Riga and Prague. In addition to this, it is to remind that there is an ongoing exhibition on Riga Art Nouveau held at the Prague City Development Authorities.