A Joint Celebration of National Days of the Embassies of Baltic and Nordic States took place in Prague

17.06.2011. 20:11

This year for the fourth time already a joint celebration of national days of the embassies of Baltic and Nordic countries took place in Prague. During the four years the joint celebration became a recognized and requested component of the diplomatic life in Prague. Given the fact celebrations of Midsummer day are common to Baltic and Nordic countries, a date close to summer solstice is chosen for the joint celebration. This year the celebration of the Embassies of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and the Honorary consulate of Island took place on June 13th at the Kampa Museum.

Among the guests there were diplomats, representatives from the Czech Government and Ministries, enterpreneurs, representatives from social and cultural quarters. This year the number of guests reached approximately 600 people. Each year there are guests belonging to the highest public officers who have a special status at the reception and hold a speech for the guests. This year’s reception was honoured by the presence of the chairman of the Senate Mr. Milan Stech and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Karel Schwarzenberg.