Results of Europe Day’s quiz about Latvia

12.05.2011. 16:09

As announced earlier, on 9 May the Latvian Embassy took part in the celebrations of Europe Day in Prague, held in Old Town Square. In the Latvian booth the public had an opportunity to test their knowledge about Latvia. The winners of the quiz are now announced on the website of the Embassy.

The quiz included questions about the Latvian capital, state system, language, official currency, membership in the European Union, geography, traditional cuisine. The quiz questions were available in six languages – Czech, English, Russian, German, French and Spanish.

Lot of interest was shown about the Latvian quiz and 60 persons from 14 countries participated – from Brazil, Chile, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Ukraine and USA. Correct answers were given by 11 participants:

  • David Píška, Czech Republic
  • Hana Kamberská, Czech Republic
  • Jan Odehnal, Czech Republic
  • Lucie Kamberská, Czech Republic
  • Marian Ondrašik, Czech Republic
  • Petra Butzke, Czech Republic
  • Vĕra Horáková, Czech Republic
  • Astrid Valtna, Estonia
  • Kristjan Moora, Estonia
  • Viviana, Romania
  • Roman, Ukraine