Ambassador to Czech Republic will open an exhibition in Plzen on Riga’s Art Nouveau architecture

06.05.2011. 19:42

On 10 May, the Ambassador Kaspars Ozoliņš will open the exhibition "Art Nouveau in architecture of Riga” to be held in Plzen business centre "Avalon". The Embassy in Czech Republic launches the exhibition in Plzen in co-operation with the Plzen – European Capital of Culture 2015 team. The exhibition is prepared by Riga municipal agency "Riga City Architect's Office" and the exhibition curator is professor at the Riga Technical University, Jānis Krastiņš.

Exhibition on Riga’s Art Nouveau architecture is a way to acquaint the citizens of Plzen with Riga as a city with outstanding architectural heritage, to promote the co-operation between two European Capitals of Culture and rise the interest about Riga as a tourism destination with broad cultural agenda. A video presentation on Riga – the European Capital of Culture 2014, will be demonstrated to the visitors of the opening of the exhibition "Art Nouveau in architecture of Riga”.

The opening of the exhibition is a part of Europe Day’s events in Plzen. On 9-10 May an international conference “The Day of Europe” will be held in Plzen dedicated to the project “European Capital of Culture”.

The exhibition "Art Nouveau in architecture of Riga” will be open to public until 24 May. The visitors will have an opportunity to acquaint themselves with information about Latvia provided by Live Riga and Latvian Institute. Earlier this year the exhibition was held in Liberec and Brno, whereas in June it will be open in Prague.