Ambassador of Latvia visited places historically related to Latvia – Nachod and Ratiborice (Czech Republic)

09.02.2011. 14:39

On Friday 4th of February Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia to the Czech Republic Mr. Kaspars Ozoliņš visited Nachod city and Ratiborice castle in the northern part of the Czech Republic. The relations between Nachod city and Latvia have been enhanced by a twin town agreement with the Latvian city Bauska signed in summer 2010. For many years there is ongoing cooperation between the Czech castle Ratiborice and the Latvian castle Rundale. During his visit, the ambassador gave an interview for the radio station „Cesky rozhlas“ and the broadcasting station Nachod.

The aim of the ambassador’s visit was a meeting with the new municipal council lead by mayor Jan Birke and the vice-mayors who were all elected in October last year and the other reason for K. Ozoliņš‘ visit were discussions about the directions of future cooperation and projects under the auspices of the Latvian Embassy in Prague. The council of Nachod’s municipality emphasized that the twin town agreement with Bauska enables closer cooperation between the two cities. Regarding the cooperation in cultural and historical field, Nachod council expressed their interest in establishing closer contacts between Nachod’s and Bauska’s schools, choirs and dance groups and to organize common sports events.

At the occasion of this visit the ambassador visited Nachod castle and Ratiborice castle. The two castles are known as the property of the last Couronian duke Peter Biron and later his daughter Katharina Vilhemine known as the Dutchess of Sagan. During their times many important political and cultural events took place at the castle. This year in the beginning of September the regular „Couronian celebrations“ will be held to bring back the cultural and artistic tradition, which has been iniciated by the duke of Courland’s family more than 200 years ago. The Dutchess of Sagas is well known to the Czech public as the character of the dutchess from the national writer Bozena Nemcova’s most famous work „Grandmother“.  

In 2011 the Latvian exposition in Ratiborice castle „Rundale Castle - The

Versailles of Latvia“ will continue. Ratiborice castle and the exposition mentioned above attract around fourty thousand visitors during the season.