The Latvian embassy in Prague uploaded the programm of events in Latvia for the year 2011 in Czech language

20.01.2011. 15:37

The program of all important cultural events in Latvia for the year 2011 was uploaded on the homepage of the Latvian embassy in Prague ( All information about the up-coming happenings is provided in Czech language in order to enable Czech citizens to access the information in a more convenient way. The list of events was arranged by the Latvian Turismus Development State Agency (, the Latvian Ministry of Culture (, The Office of Development of Turism in Riga (, Municipal of Riga and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (

A broad variety of events related to music, history, art, sports, nature or Latvian traditions is awaiting visitors not only in the Latvian capital Riga but all over the country where many events of various durations (ranging from one day up to one month) are organized.

The scheduled events include "The Barricades" – an event to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1991 barricades that symbolize the establishment of the independent and democratic Latvia, "Days of the birds" which offers a great opportunity to explore Latvian nature, "XIX. Celebrations of opera music in Sigulda" – one of the most important Latvian opera festivals that takes place at the ruins in Sigulda, and many other commendable events such as the international "Night of the Museums", the "White Night 2011" or the "Festival of the See and the Fishermen".

Along with the name and a concise description of each event, the list provides information on the date, place and the corresponding webside. The rich cultural program ensures an interesting cultural experience that can diversify any traveller’s schedule or become the purpose for visiting Latvia all year round.