A Mark Kurzem book The Mascot in Czech language

25.03.2009. 12:36

In Czech translation was published a Mark Kurzem book The Mascot. It was published by Jota publishing house in Brno in 2008. A historian of the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, Uldis Neiburgs, wrote a critical review on the book. It was published as U. Neiburgs. Marka Kurzema "Laimes nesējs". Starp mītiem un patiesību // Latvijas Okupācijas muzeja gadagrāmata. 2006. Karš pēc kara 1944-1956. - Rīga. - 2007. - 308.-317. lpp. (U. Neiburgs. Mark Kurzem's The Mascot: Between facts and myths // Almanac of the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia. 2006. War after war 1944-1956. Riga. - 2007 - pages 308-317).

Now, the review is accessible also on the web site of the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Czech Republic in Latvian and English.