Guidelines of National Identity and Society Integration

15.01.2015. 14:46

The Guidelines on National Identity, Civil Society and Integration Policy (2012–2018) were drawn up by the Ministry of Culture and adopted by the Government on 11 October 2011. 

The key goal of the Guidelines is a strong and united nation of Latvia – a national and democratic community ensuring the preservation and enrichment of its unifying foundation – the Latvian language, culture and national identity, European democratic values, and a unique cultural space – for a balanced development of Latvia as a national and democratic country. The Guidelines define society integration as social inclusion of all people living in Latvia, disregarding their ethnic background and self-identification.

The principal courses of action set out in the document are: development of civic society; strengtheningvarious forms of civic participation; reducing discrimination of socially marginalised groups and promoting their inclusion; increasing the role of the media in society integration through support for diverse, modern and high quality journalism; improving the proficiency of Latvian among ethnic minorities, non-citizens, new immigrants, and the Latvian diaspora.