Republic of Latvia: Holocaust Education, Remebrance, Research Action Plan 2002 - 2003

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Republic of Latvia: Holocaust Education, Remembrance, Research
Action Plan 2002 - 2003

Latvia has been consistently implementing the policy based on the principles that respectful and stable international relations can be built only through fair evaluation of the history events. We cannot afford that any kind of half-truth about the past could become an obstacle for Latvia

s development and European and Transatlantic integration.

Only complete openness regarding the history encourages consolidation of the democratic value - tolerance in the minds of the Latvian people. Tolerance is a topical theme not only in Latvia but also in many other European countries where society is not ethnically or denominationally homogeneous and monolithic. All European countries, including Latvia, must show intolerance towards any expression of xenophobia or anti-Semitism. Causes that encourage the spread of these negative attitudes, such as lack of information, prejudice and suspicion, must be openly discussed. Honest and impartial attitude towards our history is essential for further democratisation of society.

The Latvian government has appointed the Education and Science Ministry's State Secretary as its representative in cooperation with the International Task Force. The representative was chosen from the Education and Science Ministry because this Ministry is responsible for educating youth issues of the Holocaust. The Latvia's action plan "Holocaust: education, remembrance and research" is based on projects submitted by State institutions and non-governmental organizations in Latvia.


Three two-days seminars in three different regions of Latvia to study the experience of Swedish and American researchers and experts about how to teach the Holocaust in schools. (Target audience - about 150 teachers).

On 16 June in Riga, a workshop for the history teachers of Latvia "How to use the book "Tell Ye Your Children?" was organised by the History Teachers' Association of Latvia with support of Latvia's History Commission, the Centre for the Contents of Education and Examination, and the U.S. and Swedish Embassies in Latvia. February 12, 2001 a presentation of the Latvian translation of the book "Tell Ye Your Children..." by Paul A. Levine and Stephane Bruchfeld was held in Riga. The book has been distributed to Latvia's schools, libraries and museums

Expenses include accommodation, travel costs, tuition for foreign experts as well as travel, tuition expenses for participants.

The Latvian History Teachers Association


The exhibition "Jewish community of Latvia: History, Tragedy, Rebirth" shipping expenses Riga - Jerusalem in April 2002.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia in collaboration with the Museum and Documentation Centre "Jews in Latvia" is completing the project on the history of Jews in Latvia. The project includes an exhibition, publication of a booklet based on exhibition materials, as well as publication of a brochure (around 100 pages) on the history of the Jewish community in Latvia.

The amount has been covered by the Embassy of the United States of America in Latvia (12 344.68 USD) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia (4 224.94 USD).

It will be a travelling exhibition - Latvian schools are the target audience. The exhibition would be on display during the autumn conference of Latvia's History Commission in November 2001 and will be brought to Jerusalem in 2002. The exhibition highlights the history of the Jewish community in Latvia, the World War II and the Holocaust, as well as current Latvia's government support for Holocaust education, remembrance and research.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Two history teachers of Latvia are planning a study trip to Israel to participate in international seminar at the Yad Vashem Centre. (Travel expenses needed)

In December 1999 two history teachers from Latvia attended a special seminar at the Yad Vashem to study the Holocaust teaching methods.

The Ministry of Education

And Science


A special weeklong study seminar at the Yad Vashem Centre for a group of 30 Latvian history teachers.

The Latvian History Teachers Association


A long-term research and archival project - The Holocaust Victims Names. A memorial list of the Latvian Jewish Community 1941 - 1945.

Research needed in Latvia as well as in Israel, the USA, Germany.

Centre for Judaic Studies at the University of Latvia


Edition of Holocaust conference materials. The conference presenting recent researches done in Latvia in the field of Holocaust studies will take place in Riga in November 29, 2001.

Latvia's History Commission


Study visits of Latvian researchers to the Yad Vashem's Holocaust Memorial Centre Archive, Berlin State Archive, and Moscow State Archives.

Five researchers from the Latvia's History Institute are involved in research on the Holocaust in Latvia. Their research is co-ordinated by the History Commission.

Latvia's History Commission and History Institute of Latvia


Research and publication - ÏThe Holocaust in the towns of Latvia, 1941Ï , Jewish communities in Krustpils and Ventspils.

Latvia's History Commission and History Institute of Latvia (University of Latvia)


Editing and publishing a booklet "The Holocaust in Latvia". Target audience - school children visiting the museum.

The Museum and Documentation Centre "Jews in Latvia"


The preparation of the brochure about the Holocaust survivors and saviours.

The Museum and Documentation Centre "Jews in Latvia"


A chain of seminars for history teachers in all regions of Latvia to study how to use the new manual "The Holocaust" with students of the 9th grade.

The manual has been developed by Latvian historian Ieva Gundare (a Dutch "Matra" and "Soros Foundation" co-funded project) and is being distributed to all schools in Latvia; manual includes memories of survivors, archival material.

The independent working group led by historian Ieva Gundare in collaboration with the Amsterdam museum ÏAnne Frank HouseÏ, the Occupation Museum of Latvia and the Museum and Documentation Centre "Jews in Latvia"


Editing and publication of a book "Humanity versus crime", devoted to 100 famous Latvian Jewish personalities whose contribution to world's culture and science survived the Holocaust and has to be rediscovered by the Latvian society of today. It will be distributed to all schools in Latvia.

The USIS has been approached as a possible sponsor. Private sponsorship from Latvian entrepreneurs is envisaged.

The President Ulmanis Foundation