Development cooperation projects 2006

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Establishment of Customs Brokers Association in Moldova



Latvian Logistis and Customs Broker's Association

The aim of the project was to develop efective cooperation and platform for the dialogue between the institutions of custom brokers in Moldova by establishing the Association of customs brokers in Moldova.

MFA - 2 500 LVL

Support to Moldova in strengthening the administrative capacity for border guard and control, and surveillance of foreigners



Latvia's State Border Guard

The fields of cooperation - legislation and institutional questions, personnel training, the dislocation, function and work principles of borderguard objects, technical equipment, IT, communication system development, etc.


38 063 LVL

MFA - 18 063LVL;

CIDA - 20 000 LVL

II International public administration summer institute



Latvian State Chancellery;

Latvian School of Public Administration;

Stochlom School of Economics in Riga

The aim of the Summer Institute was to ensure effective training for the officers and potential decision makers in public administration questions.

The training promotes the professionalism of the officers, as well as enables the unique cooperation network and experience exchange between different countries academics, practitioners and NGOs.

Total: 18 286 LVL

MFA - 3 000 LVL;

Moldavan - Latvian Civil Society Forum: towards the EU



Latvian Platform for NDGOs

Latvian - Moldovan Forum aims to share the Latvian experience in civil society development in participation in decision-making process for EU Integration.

Total: 37 341,50 LVL

MFA -9 047.75 LVL

CIDA - 9 047.75 LVL

Soros Fund - 19 246 LVL

Promotion of Development Cooperation between Ogre and Basarabeasca Municipalities



Ogre city council

At the end of the project 10 representatives of local authorities will be trained, the future working goals for the municipality will be developed. The project will help to enchain the EU funds to develop the environment of economy and employment, integration to EU and poverty reduction on Moldova.

Total: 17 945,00 LVL

MFA- 8647.5 LVL

CIDA - 8647.5 LVL

Ogre city council - 650LVL

Strengthening the capacity of Ministry of Ecology and nature resources of Moldavian Republic in environment protection field

20.07.- 20.11.


"Environmental projects"

State SIA

The system of environment protection in Moldova is in the beginning stage. "Environmental projects" will sustain the capacity of the Moldovan Ministry of Ecology; will share Latvian experience and knowledge in EU integration and new environment protection system and structure development.

MFA - 12 676 LVL

CIDA - 12 676 LVL

Support to planning sustainable economic development of Moldova



SIA "Comperio"

"Comperio" plans to organize exchange visit for the representatives of Moldovan Ministry of Economy and Institute of finance and statistics to Latvia. The information on the policy planning documents and their evaluation process will be ensured.

MFA - 7 752 LVL

Support to civil society development and public involvement in decision making process of republic of Moldova



SIA "Comperio"

In the framework of the project the exchange visit of 3 representatives from Moldovan press and 3 representatives from Moldovan small business association will take place. The aim of the visit is to enhance the capacity of Moldovan media and NGO sector in the process of decision-making and EU Integration process.

MFA - 5 005 LVL

CIDA - 5 005 LVL








"Museum opens to the public"



"GLEN Latvia"

Latvian expert will work in the State Museum of Moldova to support the reform process of the system of museums in Georgia. Experience sharing seminars will take place, new work materials and methodological manual will be developed, and the program of involvement children and youth will be established. Several expositions for the definite target audiences will be organized.

MFA - 4 000 LVL

Fact- finding mission to Georgia



Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia

The visit of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia took place to determine the fields in which Latvia can share its experience and support Georgia.

The Georgian side is interested in the questions of human rights protection accordingly to EU and International standards.

MFA- 728 LVL

Activating target audiences to observe the misuse of administrative resources during the pre-election campaign period in Georgia



Transparency International Latvia "Delna"

This project will help the civil society to evaluate the process of elections from the perspective of misuse of administrative resources, and will encourage more honest and democratic elections in the future.

MFA - 14 227 LVL

CIDA - 14 227 LVL

Competence and Capacity Raising of Executive Power in Municipalities in Georgia



Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments

The aim of the project is to provide training for executive directors in order to ensure successful continuation of reforms of local governance system.

Total:17 675 LVL

MFA - 8 160 LVL

CIDA - 8 160 LVL

LALRG - 1 355 LLV

Assisting the Development of audiovisual sector in Georgia: Documentary Film



National Film Center of Latvia (NFCL)

The aim of the project is to develop the audiovisual sector of the Republic of Georgia, namely, the development of the film sector with the focus on institutional assistance and training of documentary film producers, as well as network building and facilitating the experience; information and culture exchange between Latvia and Georgia.

Total: 24 794.8LVL

MFA - 11022.1LVL

CIDA - 11022.1LVL

NFCL - 1 895.6LVL

Georgian Cinema Fund- 855 LVL

Sigulda-Chiatura-breath freely



Sigulda Region Council (SRC)

Sigulda Region Council is willing to reestablish the cooperation with municipality of Chiatura that has began in 1957. The aim of the project is to give theoretical and practical support for the promotion of the development of local government in the City of Chiatura.

Total: 11 212 LVL

MFA - 5 390 LVL

CIDA - 5 390 LVL

SRC - 432 LVL