Cooperation with Ukraine

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Informācija par Latvijas attīstības sadarbības prioritārajām valstīm






Latvia's assistance to Ukraine 

In 2007, Latvia commenced the implementation of co-operation projects with Ukraine. Assistance projects and priorities were defined in "The Development Co-operation Policy Plan for 2007". The projects were oriented towards local authority development, capacity-building of NGOs, training for professionals in veterinary and food diagnostics, the transfer of experience in the attraction of investments and export promotion, and support for the dissemination of information on the EU and NATO among young people of Ukraine. In that year, the embassies of Latvia in recipient countries were for the first time allocated funding, with the aim to initiate and administer development co-operation projects in their residence countries. The Embassy in Ukraine was allocated LVL 15,000. Development co-operation projects with Ukraine in 2007. In total, nine projects assisting Ukraine were financed by Latvia for the amount of LVL 99,232.91.

In 2008, in accordance with the Development Co-operation Plan, assistance to Ukraine is being continued with support for local authority reform.  In 2008, procedures for the allocation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs funding for fact-finding missions in the priority areas defined by the Development Co-operation Policy Plan have been put into place. Any association, foundation, company, public institution or local authority registered in the Republic of Latvia may submit applications for funding. Fact-finding missions were undertaken by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia as well as by the Regional Consultation and Education Centre. In 2008 the Procedures for the allocation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs funding for embassies of the Republic of Latvia in Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine were also adopted.  Similarly to 2007, the amount  LVL 15,000 was allocated in 2008 and earmarked for the Latvian Embassy in Ukraine. Project applications were invited from registered non-governmental organisations, the private sector, social partners, and representatives from local authority and state institutions.

Under the supervision of Latvia's Embassy in Ukraine, Development Co-operation projects were implemented by the "International Development and Business Support Association", the Ukraine welfare foundation "Social Transformation Institute" and the Ukraine youth social adaptation centre "Century Health".

In 2008, within the framework of the grants project competition, the right to implement projects in Ukraine was awarded to the association "Creative Media Studio" and to the Latvian Local Government Association.

Development cooperation projects in 2008.

Development cooperation projects in 2009

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