Cooperation with Georgia

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Informācija par Latvijas attīstības sadarbības prioritārajām valstīm







Latvia's assistance to Georgia

In 2005, Latvia started implementation of assistance projects with Georgia with the adoption of the first "Development Co-operation Policy Plan for 2005". Georgia was then identified as one of the priority countries for Latvia. Latvia's assistance to Georgia was targeted at Georgia's economic and social development. Latvia understands Georgia's aspirations and needs. Within the space of a year, "Latvia's Development Co-operation with Georgia 2006 – 2008 Country Strategy" paper was drafted and adopted. The strategy summarises Latvia's basic principles and objectives in the field of development co-operation, as well as general intentions for the coming three years; it characterises Georgia's development achievements, trends, challenges and development objectives for the country during the given time period, it presents a survey of Latvia-Georgia co-operation up to date and also identifies concrete co-operation sectors, in view of Latvia's comparative advantages. In 2005, assistance to Georgia commenced with projects for the strengthening of NGOs, for local authority reforms and for the development of the mass media sector. During that year, 3 projects for a total amount of LVL 35,536 were implemented. Development co-operation projects with Georgia in 2005.

In 2006, activities for the promotion of civil society were continued along with new areas of development co-operation: co-operation in the local authority sector, reorganisation of the judicial system, the development of museums and assistance in the film sector. Both priority countries, and projects and priorities were defined in "The Development Co-operation Policy Plan for 2006". In 2006, Latvia provided a total amount of LVL 47,209.6 for the implementation of 6 projects. Development co-operation projects with Georgia in 2006.

In 2007, experience transfer to the Georgian judicial system was continued and the promotion of civil society was supported. New development co-operation projects were implemented for the promotion of computer literacy, environment protection, the upgrading of the quality of education as well as for the assessment and improvement of the situation of street children. For the first time, the Embassy of Latvia in Georgia was allocated funding of LVL 5000 for the initiation and administration of projects. During the year, 10 projects for a total amount of LVL 102,635.55 were realised in Georgia. Development co-operation projects with Georgia in 2007.

In accordance with the Development Co-operation Plan for 2008, assistance to the Border Guard of Georgia was launched and a bilingual education development project was also implemented by the State Language Learning Centre.   Following the August 2008 military conflict, the GLEN Latvia association project for tourism development in the Kazbegi area was interrupted.

In 2008, procedures for the allocation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs funding for fact-finding missions in the priority areas defined by the Development Co-operation Policy Plan for 2008 have been set out. Any association, foundation, company, public institution or local authority registered in the Republic of Latvia may submit applications for funding. Fact-finding missions have been undertaken by SIA "ITA Konsultants" – for the purpose of investigating opportunities for co-operating in the development of a civil society.

Latvia provided assistance to Georgia following the military conflict in which both the civilian population and social infrastructures suffered. The 11 November 2008 sitting of the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers reviewed and supported a directive on the project "Amendments to the Development Co-operation Policy Plan for 2008" which had been prepared by the Foreign Ministry. The directive expanded the Development Co-operation Policy plan for 2008 with the identification of a new range of priorities in Georgia to provide "Support towards the post-conflict reconstruction in Georgia and towards the liquidation of the consequences of war" as well as new projects created in 2008 and implemented under the Development Co-operation project for "Support to Gori University – strengthening of its capacity and operations". Within the framework of the project it is envisaged to equip a new computer class with 10 workstations, providing tuition for students, adding to the library resources collection with new study materials, the creation of a university press, and technical support to the auditorium which is used for community education courses as well as the provision of additional training of trainers (in-service training for teachers).

Within the framework of the project grants competition the right to implement projects in Georgia was awarded to the NGO "Development Bulb" and to the Latvia – Georgia Co-operation Fund.

Development cooperation projects in 2008.

Development cooperation projects in 2009.

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