Ambassador of Latvia Kārlis Eihenbaums meets LCol (Retd) Steven MacBeth

04.01.2020. 00:04

On 3 January, Ambassador Kārlis Eihenbaums met with the former Commander of the eFPBG in Latvia (NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia) LCol (Retd) Steven MacBeth (Rotation 18-02).

LCol MacBeth provided his operational perspective and ground-level realities of the forward deployed battle group. He spoke about the relationship between the NATO lead nation Canada and host nation Latvia, and how this solidarity and reassurance operation came to be so successful. LCol MacBeth shed light on strategic considerations and the operational realities of modern deterrence on NATO's eastern flank.

Ambassador Eihenbaums expressed his and Latvia's appreciation for Canadian presence and stressed that this reassuring presence is extremely important - both in deterring potential adversaries from miscalculating a move and reassuring that nobody in NATO is left to fend for themselves. This system of friends around the world is an important, competitive advantage for allies now and in the future.