The Embassy of Latvia participates in the business seminar in Ottawa

29.11.2018. 18:01

On 28 November, a special seminar entitled “Partnership for Innovation: Canada and V4 plus Estonia and Latvia” took place at the Global Affairs Canada - GAC. The seminar focussed on promoting EU trade and business links between cutting edge companies and the government policies encouraging such co-operation; it featured speakers from the Visegrad countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic) as well as from Latvia and Estonia.

Latvia’s speaker was Antra Balode, and she related her experience and anecdotes of doing business with innovative companies in Latvia and the Baltic States including with the award winning digital agency “Cube”, eloquently highlighting the excellent ecosystem for innovation, research and development in Latvia. Ms. Balode said “Latvia has an environment which nurtures ideas.”

The seminar’s welcoming remarks were given by Robert Fry, the Director General for European Affairs at GAC who encouraged the participants to “go beyond talk” and deliver on partnership and concluding remarks were given by Dana Borschewski of Invest Ottawa and Leah Littlepage of the EU Delegation in Ottawa who underlined the opportunities which can be harvested in bilateral co-operation between the countries in the seminar and the EU in general, by finding synergies and utilizing CETA, the free trade agreement in effect between the EU and Canada. The seminar was organised by the participating countries in co-ordination with GAC.