Balts Unity Day in Ottawa on 20 September

13.09.2018. 22:48

Join us on Parliament Hill at 9 .00 o’clock on the morning of 20 September to mark the annual Balts Unity Day in Ottawa!  

Starting 8.50 a.m., gather on the left side of Parliament Hill lawn when facing the main Building. Bring small national flags and be ready to sing national songs and anthems of the Baltic States, joined by the voices of members of our local communities from in and around Ottawa.

The presence of all three Baltic States leaves a good impression of mutual support and solidarity. It will not take much time but it means a lot, and even more at a moment when Canada is exerting such strong efforts on behalf of Baltic Sea security and promotion of trade and business with Europe.

The Embassy of Latvia launched the Balts Unity Day tradition in 2016. Thank you to Ināra Eihenbauma for a great idea.