The centennial celebration of the Republic of Latvia in Montreal

16.04.2018. 23:34
  • Join in Centenary celebrations together with the Latvian Foreign Service

14 April, Place des Arts, Théâtre Maisonneuve, Montréal extraordinary musical experience in Montreal – opera performance “NeoArctic” with the Latvian Radio Choir.

“NeoArctic” is an extraordinary opera – it begins during the Anthropocene period of Earth’s geological history when human activities significantly impacted the planet’s ecosystem. This visual music performance mixes traditional and electronic paintings, which expresses climate change, soil erosion, urbanisation, the digitisation of all aspects of life, and the dramatic loss of biological species that characterise this new age.

The show is a unique collaboration of the Latvian Radio Choir, the celebrated chamber group, and the Danish company Hotel Pro Forma, an international laboratory for visual arts and performance. The project brings together internationally renowned artists such as Danish art director and stage designer Kirsten Dehlholm, the talented Latvian Radio Choir, brilliant British producer and composer Andy Stott, who created six of the show’s twelve paintings, and Icelandic novelist, lyricist and poet, Sjón, who wrote all the texts. Lighting design is by Jesper Kongshaug, famous for having created a lighting installation for the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, featured in the credits of the popular House of Cards series.

This performance is one of many events organised in Canada to celebrate the centennial of the Republic of Latvia and it is supported by the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Latvia and other institutions.