Hege Boman Grundekjøn awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia

28.02.2011. 19:08

The Latvian Foreign Affairs Ministry, represented by Foreign Minister Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis has awarded Hege Boman Grundekjøn a diploma for her outstanding commitment to strengthening the cultural ties between Latvia and Norway.

The Diploma will be presented by Ambassador Andris Sekacis at a ceremony in the Latvian Embassy in Oslo on 2 March.

Hege Boman Grundekjøn has for more than 20 years been engaged in various cultural projects related to Latvia and the Norwegian-Latvian relations. She has created contacts between Latvian and Norwegian institutions, and between Latvians and Norwegians, had been involved in organizing cultural festivals and arranged tours for Latvian artists in Norway and vice versa. In 2002, Hege-hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art was opened in honor of her, in thanks for her assistance as a fund-raiser for the museum. In 2004 she was awarded a diploma by the then Foreign Minister Sandra Kalniete for his promotion of cultural relations between Latvia and Norway.

Hege Boman Grundekjøn was heavily involved in struggle for freedom of the Baltic states during the Soviet era, and wrote on her own initiative several newspaper articles about human rights abuses in the former communist Eastern Europe. In 2009 she published her book "Latvia with Knut Hamsun and Karlis Padegs". The book is in itself an important instrument of Norwegian-Latvian relations, and is also a valuable contribution creating a better understanding of history of Latvia.

Latvia has this year highlighted that it is 90 years since the country was recognized de iure of the world community.

Latvia's sovereignty was re-proclaimed in May 1990. And this year it was 20 years ago, Latvia and other Baltic states declared indepenndence from the Soviet Union. This is an event which will be marked in August. The diplomatic ties between Latvia and Norway were also re-established 20 years ago, and the awarding of the diploma to Hege Boman Grundekjøn will be a good opportunity to also highlight the cooperation and friendship between the two countries!