Ambassador Juris Bone welcomed the participants of the Baltic Region Heritage Committee meeting in Riga

11.10.2018. 10:10

On 3 October 2018 the Baltic Region Heritage Committee held its meeting at National Heritage Board of Latvia in Riga.

Chairman of the CSO of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS), Ambassador-at-large Juris Bone opened the meeting and emphasised that by choosing cultural heritage to be one of the priorities of the Latvian Presidency in the CBSS Latvia is willing to focus not just on its importance as a value from the past, but also on its special role in building good quality future by creating dialogue and interacting with other policies.

Several topics were discussed during the meeting — the opportunities for closer cooperation with representatives from other strategic priorities of the CBSS, the necessity to strengthen the involvement of the Baltic Sea region in the Cultural Routes initiative by the Council of Europe, the opportunity to develop the cooperation regarding online accessibility of cultural heritage, as well as the ideas and group work activities for the Baltic Sea Region Cultural Heritage Forum 2020. There are three active working groups under the supervision of the Baltic Region Heritage Committee: underwater cultural heritage, coastal culture and maritime heritage, 20th century built heritage.

The meeting of the Baltic Region Heritage Committee was followed by an international conference “Protecting Cultural Heritage for the Future”. Participants of the conference created a resolution emphasising the necessity for the field of cultural heritage to forecast and not to miss the necessary changes that can influence the quality and effectiveness of preserving cultural heritage during this time of rapid development in society.