The Cabinet of Ministers approves the Plan for Work with the Diaspora 2021–2023

15.01.2021. 11:53

On 14 January 2021, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the Plan for Work with the Diaspora for 2021–2023.

The work plan is the first comprehensive cross-sectoral policy planning document developed pursuant to the Diaspora Law and brings together all tasks entrusted to all institutions and organisations. The plan supports the diverse needs of the diaspora related to reaching diaspora policy goals set out in the law, covering the current and planned initiatives by public institutions and the diaspora and non-governmental organisations, as well as mapping out tasks and priorities determined by the dynamic development of the diaspora around the world.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs ensured broad involvement of the diaspora and non-governmental organisations connected with specific sectors in the drafting of the plan, and this took place in fiveworking groups focussed on their designated themes from November 2019 to June 2020. Through interaction between the public sector and diaspora organisations, the tasks of greatest importance for the diaspora were successfully identified and included in the plan.

In line with the diaspora policy challenges set out in the Diaspora Law, the plan’s activities are structured into four lines of action:

  • strengthening Latvian identity and the sense of belonging to Latvia, and preserving the Latvian language and culture outside Latvia;
  • promoting civic and political participation of the diaspora;
  • involvement of the diaspora in the development of Latvia’s national economy and science;
  • support for remigration.

In view of the demografic situation, the large numbers of Latvians residing abroad and the rapid assimilation processes, it is a task on the national level to preserve and sustain the link between the diaspora and Latvia. Special attention will be devoted to networking, maintaining the Latvian language and identity, engaging with the youth, and a more active involvement of the diaspora in Latvia’s economy. The large-scale support measures in support of remigration laid down in the plan are expected to significantly encourage migration back to Latvia.


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