Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs places 101 Belarusian officials on persona non grata list

25.09.2020. 17:51

In line with what was decided by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia, and in coordination with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Estonia and Lithuania, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Edgars Rinkēvičs, has taken the decision to impose an entry ban on 101 officials of the Republic of Belarus including personnel from the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus, the Ministry of the Interior and its subordinate institutions, the Ministry of Communication and Informatisation, the National State TV and Radio Company, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, the Central Election Commission, the Minsk Election Commission, the Executive Committees of Belarusian regions and cities.

The Belarusian authorities have not changed their attitude towards peaceful protests. Discrediting of demonstrations and disproportionate use of force continues, the blocking of independent media sites is increasing, criminal proceedings are being instituted and data carriers are being confiscated.

The individuals entered on this list have engaged in the organisation and support of the falsification of the 9 August presidential elections and backed the ensuing violent crackdown on peaceful protests, and arrests which have been made, and they have restricted the work of independent media, as well as facilitating the spread of disinformation through the official media of Belarus.

The Minister’s decision was taken pursuant to Section 61 (2) of the Law on Immigration.

The following individuals have been entered on the persona non grata list for Latvia:

1. Igor Burmistrov
2. Khazalbek Atabekov
3. Andrei Zagorsky
4. Oleg Karazei
5. Vladislav Mandrik
6. Nikolai Gorelikov
7. Leonid Zhuravsky
8. Aleksandr Kisel
9. Aleksei Shakhovich
10. Mikhail Valko
11. Vasili Vasiukovich
12. Dzmitry Kuryan
13. Dmitry Balaba
14. Dmitry Shumilin
15. Vitalyi Osockyi
16. Vitalyi Stasiukevich
17. Viktor Kravcevich
18. Andrei Belenkov
19. Sergey Manaev
20. Sergey Solovey
21. Vadim Prigara
22. Viktor Stanislavchik
23. Sergey Kalinnik
24. Andrei Prihodko
25. Maksim Rusanovich
26. Dmitry Zhmuro
27. Vladimir Romaniuk
28. Pavel Asovik
29. Aleksey Kovalev
30. Andrei Kuntsevich
31. Natalia Eismont
32. Andrei Shved
33. Alexey Konstantinovich Stuk
34. Valentin Sukalo
35. Valeri Kalinkovich
36. Andrei Zabara
37. Zhanna Shkurdiuk
38. Iurii Kobetc
39. Petr Miklashevich
40. Natallia Karpovich
41. Alla Bodak
42. Tatyana Boiko
43. Tadeush Voronovich
44. Stanislav Danilyuk
45. Liliya Kozyreva
46. Olga Sergeeva
47. Anatoly Tikovenko
48. Andrei Pavlyuchenko
49. Konstantin Shulhan
50. Pavel Liohki
51. Yuri Petruchenya
52. Ivan Eismont
53. Aleksandr Shepelev
54. Leonid Jouravski
55. Alexander Vasilev
56. Sergey Kalinovsky
57. Aleksandr Losyakin
58. Marina Rachmanova
59. Alexander Astreiko
60. Anatoli Vasilev
61. Anton Kulak
62. Aleksei Kovrizhkin
63. Yevgeni Savich
64. Aleksandr Yakunchihin
65. Dmitryi Petrusha
66. Olga Neborskaya
67. Ivan Kostiyan
68. Andrei Krivonosov
69. Viktoria Dashkova
70. Aleksey Pinchuk
71. Igor Romanionok
72. Viktorya Shabunia
73. Andrei Chomich
74. Sergey Herashenko
75. Svetlana Vorotynskaya
76. Michail Yurchenko
77. Yekaterina Gruda
78. Dmitriy Vishnevskiy
79. Andrei Lagota
80. Maksim Trusevich
81. Vera Golovkova
82. Aleksei Irshin
83. Aleksandr Voiteshko
84. Yegor Guk
85. Andrei Guz
86. Sergei Semenov
87. Artiom Bagrec
88. Anatoli Sivak
89. Dmitry Shevtsov
90. Oleg Shuliakovsky
91. Andrey Gurzhiy
92. Kiril Yanushonok
93. Valery Zhuk
94. Maksim Rizhenkov
95. Leonid Zajac
96. Aleksandr Turchin
97. Nikolay Sherstnov
98. Genady Solovey
99. Leonid Kruk
100. Sergey Grib
101. Andrey Lilya


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