Annual training for diplomats is held on the recovery plan for Latvia’s economy, export promotion and attracting investments

16.09.2020. 15:04

On 16 September 2020, Latvian diplomats responsible for business and trade affairs are having their annual training in a distance conferencing format. The training session is organised to gain a deeper insight into Latvia’s economy and its development prospects, to promote cooperation between diplomats and businesses upon both entering foreign markets and cooperating in resolution of business-related issues by offering currently available support solutions.

The main topics of this year’s training are the recovery of Latvia’s economy after the COVID-19 crisis, as well as export promotion and mobilising of investments in “the new normal”.

The welcoming address to the participants will be delivered by Andris Pelšs, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Raimonds Aleksejenko, Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Economy, will outline the recovery strategy for Latvia’s economy, its main elements and directions. Kaspars Rožkalns, Director of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, will speak about the new ecosystems approach to the development of agricultural sectors, the attraction of investments, progress with the formulation of a nation-branding strategy for Latvia, and reforms concerning the network of Latvia’s trade representative offices abroad.  

Neils Kalniņš, Director of the Development and Customer Relations Department of the State Joint-Stock Company, Electronic Communications Office of Latvia, and Director of the 5G Techritory programme, will introduce the diplomats to the progress of 5G network development in Latvia and the 5G partnership platform for future cooperation in the Baltic Sea region.  

Training for Latvian diplomats is being held for the fourth time. The training session brings together more than 44 participants from 30 countries.


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