Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs places 30 Belarusian citizens on list of personae non gratae

31.08.2020. 14:13

In line with what was decided by the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers, and in coordination with the Foreign Ministries of Estonia and Lithuania, Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs has taken the decision to place 30 Belarusian officials on Latvia's list of personae non gratae. Persons on this list are not permitted to travel to Latvia and this prohibition applies for an indefinite period of time. Included on the list are individuals from the office and administration of the President of Belarus; the central election commission of Belarus; the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Justice; the office of the General Prosecutor of Belarus; the State Security Committee; the Investigations Committee; the Security Council; the State Audit Committee; and the Executive Committee of the city of Minsk.     

These individuals, through their personal actions, were organising and supporting the falsification of the 9 August 2020 elections for the President of Belarus as well as supporting the violent suppression of peaceful protests. 

The Minister's decision is in accordance with Paragraph 61(2) of the Law on Immigration.

Foreign Minister Rinkēvičs has stressed that Latvia strongly condemns the falsification of the 9 August presidential elections, the beating of peaceful protestors, and persecution of journalists and activists in Belarus. With our decision in this regard, the Latvian Foreign Minister said, we are giving a clear signal that such actions are not acceptable and that those responsible for such acts are not welcome in Latvia. We call upon the European Union to promptly proceed with similar decisions.

Each of the following officials is now a persona non grata in Latvia:

Alexander Lukashenko

Viktor Lukashenko

Igor Sergeenko  

Maxim Ryzhenkov  

Olga Chupris  

Dmitry Krutoy  

Gennady Bogdan  

Lidia Yermoshina  

Vadim Ipatov  

Elena Dmuhajlo  

Svetlana Kacubo  

Igor Plyshevskiy  

Oleg Slizhevsky  

Irina Celikovec  

Valery Vakulchik  

Ivan Tertel  

Ivan Noskevich  

Aleksandr Konyuk  

Yuri Karaev  

Gennadi Kazakevich  

Aleksandr Barsukov  

Sergey Khomenko  

Yuri Nazarenko  

Roman Melnik  

Ivan Kubrakov  

Oleh Shablyko  

Andrei Ravkov  

Aleksey Volkov  

Sergei Azemsha  

Andrei Smal


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