The Ministry of Foreign Affairs awards funding for development cooperation projects in the EU Eastern Partnership and Central Asian countries in a grant project competition

01.07.2020. 12:24

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has evaluated the project applications submitted for the grant competition, “Support for Development Cooperation Projects in the Beneficiary Countries Designated by the Republic of Latvia” and is awarding funding (a grant) for the implementation of the following projects in the European Union’s Eastern Partnership countries (Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine) and priority partner countries in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan):

1. A Limited Liability Company “SunGIS” project “Use of open technologies in the development of a geoportal, The Electronic Geofund for Civil Engineering Measurements in the Republic of Uzbekistan”, so that the test version of the topographic and geospatial data portal created in Uzbekistan in 2019 with support from the Latvian Foreign Ministry and launched on 1 March 2020 could be developed into a permanent version and make it possible to continue work on the establishment of a single cadastre system in Uzbekistan. Remote and online access mode to the cadastre system will ensure uninterrupted service provision in the civil engineering sector under a health crisis as well as offering access to topographic information in environmental crises.

2. Association “Paliec mājās” (Stay at Home) project “Initiative Together Against COVID-19”, to provide support for the most vulnerable groups of society in Moldova during the pandemic and building partnership with local governments, non-governmental organisations, the private sector, as well as using effective remote solutions to mitigate the social consequences of the crisis;

3. The Association “Centre MARTA” project “Pandemic of Violence during the Global COVID-19 Crisis. Risks, Prevention, Solutions” to support women in Central Asian Countries (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan) in dealing with socio-economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis;

4. Association “Latvian Rural Forum” project “Support for the Growth of Moldovan Regions through Facilitating Capacity to Adapt to State of Emergency and Reducing the COVID-19 Consequences in the Long Term”, to strengthen local businesses development in the Northern Region of Moldova , including through creation of a digital platform to expand cooperation between Moldovan SMEs, local governments and businesses in Latvia and Moldova;

5. Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital project, “Knowledge Transfer Using Digital Solutions and Professional Cooperation during the COVID-19 Pandemic and After” to provide support for the National Centre of Emergency Medicine of Moldova through improving access to the information sharing system for medical staff. A fast, effective information sharing system on COVID-19, based on Latvia’s experience, will ensure access for the institute staff to a unified information flow, thereby considerably improving the organisation’s capacity, which is crucial in a crisis;

6. A Limited Liability Company “Latvijas Standarts” project, “Standardization as a Supporting Tool for Rapid Response Measures under a State of Emergency in Georgia Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic”, which will make it possible to strengthen Georgia’s system of standardisation thereby ensuring up-to-date and quality information in the Georgian language on requirements and solutions based on European standards and best practices in the field of manufacturing in Georgia of protective equipment for the health sector.

7. The Court Administration project, “Use of e--Solutions in the Management of Court Work and Processes in Ukraine during the COVID-19 Crisis”, to share Latvia’s practice and experience of using e-solutions in court work during the crisis, thereby ensuring continuity of judicial work.

Taking into account the funding available under the call for proposals, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs grants partial funding to two projects:

8. Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital project, “Addressing Matters Related to the COVID-19 Crisis in Laboratory Operations”, which will make it possible to increase the effectiveness of surveillance and laboratory testing in the field of the COVID-19 lab diagnostics in Kyrgyzstan;

9. Association "Cleantech Latvia" project, “Modernisation of Public Services by Local Authorities” in Uzbekistan, which will facilitate the effectiveness of public services in the heating supply sector and prevent an increase in service costs during the pandemic.

This year, 51 projects were submitted under the call for proposals: the largest number of applications since 2015, with a total of EUR 2 636 212 requested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The total funding available for the competition was EUR 445 253.

In line with the Communication on the Global EU response to COVID-19, the competition was intended to address urgent issues related to the COVID-19 crisis, including in the health sector, and overcoming socio-economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis. Support provided by Latvia will be part of assistance put in place through the Team Europe package in the EU’s Eastern Partnership and Central Asian countries.

Based on the Development Cooperation Policy Plan 2020 and the Call for Projects Regulations, at least 50% of the amount available is foreseen for the implementation of projects by civil society organizations. Thus, funding has been awarded to projects that have received the highest ranking among civil society organizations’ projects and other projects.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the high interest in the implementation of development cooperation projects by representatives of public authorities, civil society and the private sector that could participate in the competition under the Law on International Assistance. The applicants will be informed individually of the results of evaluation of their project application.


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