Latvian Foreign Ministry condemns missile attack by Iran

08.01.2020. 12:34

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia condemns the missile attack on coalition forces at bases in Iraqi territory. This morning, 8 January, the Islamic Republic of Iran launched ballistic missile attacks on two military bases within the territory of Iraq.

The Latvian Foreign Ministry considers this aggressive action against the international coalition, which is engaged in training Iraqi security forces by Iran, to be unacceptable. The Foreign Ministry calls upon Iran to avoid escalating the situation in the region taking into account that increased tensions could negatively impact stability in the region. An increase in tensions and instability is no one’s interest.

According to the Ministry of Defence of Latvia, Latvian troops in Iraq have not been injured in this attack.

Bearing these incidents in mind, the Latvian Foreign Ministry strongly advises Latvian nationals not to travel to Iraq, Iran, Syria, or Yemen.


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