Baltic, Nordic and U.S. experts gather in Riga to discuss cyber security

22.10.2019. 17:14

On 21 October 2019, Riga hosted an e-PINE (Enhanced Partnership in Northern Europe) meeting of cyber-experts from the Baltic States, Nordic countries (NB8) and the United States of America, where the participants discussed international cyber security policy. A special focus was placed on cyber security activities in the European Union (EU), including in the 5G context, and on cyber security related processes in the UN, which require an active and common approach by the member states in order to foster responsible behaviour of states in cyberspace.

Those present at the e-PINE meeting also shared views on election security, digital security and human rights, emphasising their application in both physical reality and virtual realities. Malicious and harmful activities engaged in by other countries in cyberspace raise serious concerns; therefore, issues related to cyber security are playing a central role in international security policy.

Developments in the countries represented at the meeting were also discussed, with Latvia making a presentation on its new cyber security strategy for 2019-2022.


Background information

The e-PINE initiative was launched in 2003 with the purpose of enhancing and sustaining U.S. cooperation with the Baltic and Nordic region. The main fields of cooperation within the e-PINE format are security policy, neighbourhood policy and an active development of economic relations. Since 2014, an e-PINE event has been hosted each year in one of the countries participating in the NB8+USA format.


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