The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has granted co-financing to development cooperation and global education projects

16.10.2019. 17:21
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has granted co-financing to development cooperation and global education projects

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has evaluated applications submitted for the co-financing grant competition on support for development cooperation and global learning projects funded by the European Commission and other international aid donors in designated recipient countries. Co-financing has been awarded to four projects:

1.    A project by “Risinājumu darbnīca” (Workshop of Solutions), “Civil society engagement in improving the rural development processes and promotion of efficient models for sustainable local development”, which aims at increasing the role of civil society in Moldova;

2.    a project by “New Door” called “An online social entrepreneurship accelerator and co-working platform preproduction stage”, which aims to produce the concept for an online platform to promote social entrepreneurship;

3.   a project by “Green Liberty” titled “A global learning approach on food waste in non-formal education” with the goal of strengthening public awareness of the role of reducing food waste in environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible development;

4.   a project by “The Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation” called  “Snapshots from the borders – small towns facing the global challenges of Agenda 2030”, which aims to support the platform’s information campaign on migration.

The co-financing grant project competition has resulted in two global learning projects to be implemented in Latvia and two development cooperation projects carried out in partner countries prioritised by Latvia in its development cooperation policy – Moldova and Ukraine.

Development (global) education projects seek to promote a learning process that shapes public awareness of global development processes and fosters public participation in tackling local and global issues.

In accordance with the Development Cooperation Policy Plan for 2019, applications could be submitted by associations, foundations, and social partners whose projects had received support from the European Commission or other donors. Total funding available for the competition is EUR 20,659.65. 


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