The Latvian Foreign Ministry deplores celebrations planned in Moscow for the so-called “liberation” of Riga

11.10.2019. 17:39

The Latvian Foreign Ministry deplores the firework display planned for 13 October in Moscow, which is intended to commemorate the “freeing” of Riga from the German occupation. However, for Latvia and the other two Baltic States, the so-called “liberation” meant the commencement of a fresh occupation which would last for nearly fifty years.

Latvia categorically rejects the most recent attempts by the Russian Federation to re-write history according to their whim and exonerate crimes perpetrated by Stalin’s regime during the Second World War including the violations of international law related to the notorious Hitler-Stalin Pact signed on 23 August 1939, which had the effect of carving up Europe into “spheres of interest”. The illegal understanding mutually developed by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany opened the way for the USSR’s aggression against Latvia at the beginning of World War II, not to mention its occupation and annexation, which has been declared illegal and illegitimate by the entire democratic world. 

While welcoming the end of Nazism, we would like to remind the world that for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the renewal of freedom and independence took place not on 13 October 1945, but about fifty years later, taking into account that the Red Army marching into Latvia meant nothing else other than a renewal of occupation.   

We consider the festive fireworks planned to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the time when the Soviet armed forces “freed” Riga from the German occupation to be an unfriendly action.


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