At the meeting of EU Ministers for the Diaspora, Aivars Groza presents Latvia’s experience of implementing the diaspora policy

20.03.2019. 11:36

On 17-18 March 2019, the European Union (EU) ministers for the diaspora convened for an informal meeting in Bucharest, Romania. The event was also attended by the Ambassador-at-Large for the Diaspora at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Aivars Groza.

At the meeting, the Minister for Romanians Abroad, Natalia-Elena Intotero, informed her colleagues about Romania’s practice in the field of the diaspora policy. The participants shared views on current developments in their countries as concerns diaspora policy. Ambassador-at-Large Aivars Groza presented an overview of Latvia’s diaspora policy and activities for the implementation of the Diaspora Law in Latvia. The Ambassador underlined the priorities related to the teaching of the Latvian language to the younger generation of Latvians abroad, the enhancement of cultural and economic links and support for people who have decided to return to Latvia.

The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU was the first EU Presidency to bring together ministers for the diaspora from the Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom. With a considerable number of Romanian citizens living outside Romania, the diaspora matters are a high priority for the country and fall within the competence of the Ministry for Romanians Abroad.


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