Latvia stands up for the restoration of democracy in Venezuela

04.02.2019. 13:42

Latvia recognises the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, as interim President of Venezuela and expects that democratic processes in Venezuela will be resumed without delay and new Presidential elections will be announced in the country.

Latvia has been following with concern the increasingly deteriorating political situation in Venezuela and, together with other EU Member States, Latvia believes that Venezuela should return to democracy and consistent respect for human rights in line with international standards, and a peaceful solution to the crisis should be achieved.

Both the EU and the Organisation of American States have previously recognised that the Presidential elections held in Venezuela in May 2018 did not comply with international standards. Consequently, Nicholas Maduro’s claim for presidency has no legitimate ground and is inconsistent with a democratic state system. Maduro has rejected a joint call by the EU to announce new Presidential elections.

The Venezuelan National Assembly with its President Juan Guaidó is the only legitimately elected body in Venezuela, support for which has also been offered by public demonstrations bringing together hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan people in recent weeks. The United States of America, the majority of Latin American countries of the Lima Group, the European Parliament as well as other countries being of the same opinion as Latvia have recognised Juan Guaidó as interim President of Venezuela.

Latvia expects that, through joint efforts of the EU-established International Contact Group together with Juan Guaidó and the National Assembly of Venezuela, a solution will be found to the current political and economic crisis and the necessary preconditions will be created for new, democratic Presidential elections.



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