Political directors of Latvian and Lithuanian Foreign Ministries discuss EU foreign policy and security

09.11.2018. 11:07

On 8 November 2018, the Under-Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Political Director Jānis Mažeiks, was in Vilnius on a working visit. He met with the Political Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Asta Skaisgirytė, for a discussion on key issues of EU foreign policy and security: strengthening security of the Baltic Sea region, the EU’s cooperation with NATO, transatlantic relationship, and the state of affairs in the Middle East.  

A special focus was placed on regional security, including the conflict in Ukraine. The Political Director condemned Russia’s aggression in the east of Ukraine and underlined that the construction of the Crimean Bridge is a violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. 

Both parties agreed that sanctions against Russia should remain in place until the full implementation of the Minsk agreements.

In a discussion on the Eastern Partnership countries, Jānis Mažeiks noted that it was important to continue a tailor made approach in cooperation with each of the countries. The year 2019 will be a special one since it marks ten years of the Eastern Partnership. 

Referring to the situation in the Middle East, Political Director Mažeiks underlined that Latvia supported a multilateral approach to negotiations under the Middle East peace process. In a discussion on current developments in Iran, it was noted that a US-EU dialogue is essential in seeking a solution to threats posed by Iran’s aggressive regional policy and its ballistic missile programme.


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