The OECD – a significant support for improvements to various policies in Latvia

23.10.2018. 15:26

At its sitting on 23 October 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the annual information report on Latvia’s membership of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The report has been prepared jointly with the public administration institutions concerned, and it provides an overview of what Latvia has accomplished in terms of implementing OECD recommendations and adopting its best practice. The document also sets out further priorities for cooperation with the OECD.

In view of Latvia’s accomplishments over the past year, it should be concluded that the OECD has become a significant daily support to line experts and policy-makers in Latvia in the preparation of proposals and taking decisions on improvements to various policies and on reforms. OECD expertise and recommendations have been taken into account in all major reforms – in tax policy, education and healthcare.

As early as two years after becoming a full member of the organisation, Latvia has been entrusted with Vice-Chairmanship of the OECD Council of Ministers this year. This means not only appreciation of what Latvia has accomplished but also recognition of Latvia’s ability to bring tangible contribution to setting the OECD agenda and resolving major multilateral issues. Latvian public administration experts are increasingly more often being invited to contribute to the assessments of other countries as well as to organizing and chairing the work of OECD committees.

Background information

The institutions involved in drawing up the information report are the Ministries of Economy, Finance, Education and Science, Welfare, Justice, Environmental Protection and Regional Development, and Agriculture, as well as the Central Statistical Bureau, the Cross-Sectoral Coordination Centre, and the State Chancellery.



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