The Foreign Ministry to launch an information campaign on travel safety and labour exploitation risks abroad

22.06.2018. 17:27

The media are invited to attend, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at 11.00 on 26 June 2018, the launch of an information campaign on travel safety and risks of labour exploitation abroad and their prevention. The campaign will run from 26 June till end of August.  

The Director of the Consular Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Guna Japiņa, will update the audience on consular assistance provided by Latvia.

The National Coordinator at the Ministry of the Interior on the prevention of human trafficking, Lāsma Stabiņa, will highlight key issues in the field of trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation. She will also outline preventive measures and steps to be taken towards reducing the risks of being exposed to human trafficking abroad.

The Deputy Director of the State Employment Agency (NVA), Kristīne Stašāne, will tell about support for job seekers offered by advisers from the network of the European Public Employment Services (EURES): advice and provision of information on safe employment, living and working conditions, labour legislation and administrative procedures in the EU and the countries of the European Economic Zone, as well as Switzerland. Other topics covered will be licencing and supervision of recruitment service providers, and tips for those seeking employment abroad.

Also taking part in the opening event are representatives from non-governmental organisations, Centrs MARTA and Patvērums “Drošā māja” (Shelter Safe House). These NGOs ensure that the status of a victim of human trafficking is granted to persons who have been subjected to exploitation in Latvia and abroad, if the case of human trafficking cannot be prosecuted. The two organisations also provide state-financed social rehabilitation services and support services to victims during criminal proceedings. 

The event will take place in the Latvian language. The media are requested to apply for participation not later than 16.00 on 25 June by contacting the Media Centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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