In consultations, Latvian and Ukrainian consular services agree on further cooperation

10.03.2018. 11:56

On 9 March 2018, the Latvian and Ukrainian foreign services held consular consultations. In the talks, consular officers expressed their appreciation for the good bilateral cooperation to date and focused in particular on current challenges faced by consular services.

Bilateral cooperation in the consular sector is progressing successfully and, regardless of the comparatively large number of tourists and diasporas in both countries, no significant problems have been noted. Attention was also devoted to the practice of both countries in providing consular assistance to their nationals in emergency situations abroad, for instance, in large-scale consular crises. The experience of Latvia and Ukraine in public outreach on consular topics was also presented.

The parties shared data on visas and residence permits issued. The Ukrainian side was informed about statistics concerning the entry of Ukrainian citizens into Latvia as from June 2017 following the coming into effect of the visa waiver arrangements for holders of biometric passports.

The consultation focused especially on topics related to legal solutions concerning persons who are holders of documents issued by institutions unlawfully established in the Crimean Peninsula and Sevastopol or the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk. The Ukrainian side offered a deep insight into the activities by public institutions to ensure legal protection of those persons. The Latvian side in turn informed their Ukrainian counterparts that they are actively following the circulation, in Latvian public authorities, of the documents issued in those territories, and the Latvian consular service has formulated scenarios of action to be applied by institutions.

With the aim of ensuring operative circulation of legal information, the sides agreed that talks should be launched on information sharing concerning citizenships granted.

Besides the Latvian and Ukrainian consular officers, representatives from the Ministry of Justice of Latvia, the State Border Guard and the Office for Citizenship and Migration Affairs were also present at the consultations.

The previous round of the Latvia-Ukraine consular consultations took place in Kyiv in 2004.


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