Edgars Rinkēvičs takes part in the unveiling of a new exposition at the Salaspils Memorial

07.02.2018. 20:16

February 7 saw the unveiling of a new exposition at the Salaspils Memorial. The event was attended by Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs, the Minister of Culture Dace Melbārde, the Chairman of the Salaspils Municipal Council Raimonds Čudars, and representatives of the foreign diplomatic corps, as well as those who had created the Salaspils Memorial and its new exposition.  

The state of Latvia has always condemned the crimes perpetrated by Nazi Germany. Latvia commemorates the victims and those who suffered, and will always honour their memory. In his address to the attendees, the Foreign Minister emphasised that, by the unveiling of this exposition, the state of Latvia was pledging its readiness to objectively evaluate its history and clear it of myths created by the totalitarian ideologies.

The Salaspils Memorial is located on the site of the Salaspils camp built and operated by the German National Socialist occupation regime from 1941 to 1944. An estimated 3000 people – civilians, including children, political prisoners and members of the national resistance movement – were killed or died in extreme conditions. They included Latvians, Jews, Russians, Poles, Belarusians and people of other nationalities from various countries. According to estimates, about 23 000 people were imprisoned in the Salaspils camp during that period. 

The renovation of the Salaspils Memorial took place during 2017 with support from the Latvian Government and the Salaspils Municipal Council, and in cooperation with the Daugava Museum and the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia. The new exposition combines a museum display indoors with the objects in the open spaces. A separate room has been dedicated to the history of the Salaspils Memorial. Videos with testimonies of the camp’s former inmates are presented via multimedia displays.

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