Latvia is actively applying OECD expertise towards further structural reforms and improved living standards

31.10.2017. 22:09

On 31 October, the Cabinet of Minister approved an Information Report on the evaluation of the first year of the membership of Latvia in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and proposals for improvements to the cooperation and coordination mechanism.

The Information Report includes the evaluation of main events and the work accomplished, as well as future priorities concerning the OECD committees and working groups. A brief outline has been presented of the issues of mutual coordination between Latvia’s institutions in their work with the OECD.

The report also reflects the process of carrying out OECD recommendations and a future action plan. Latvia’s progress with the implementation of recommendations has been evaluated as one of the most substantial among OECD member states. Most of the recommendations offered by the OECD coincide with key issues on the government’s agenda.

The report also specifies the areas where the OECD’s assessments, data, standards and recommendations have brought the greatest benefits: economic growth forecasts, education, welfare and jobs, health, governance of state-owned enterprises, digital economy, public governance, and taxation.

See the infographics for information on Latvia’s OECD membership benefits in specific sectors


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