The Foreign Ministry announces an invitation to tender for outsourcing the reception of visa applications

10.06.2015. 14:45

On 10 June, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is launching an invitation to tender for the outsourcing of services of the receipt of visa applications and forwarding those to Latvian Embassies in 11 countries across the globe: China, India, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, South Korea, the UK, and Ireland.

Cooperation with service providers will provide an opportunity for visa applicants to submit documents to embassies and consular offices without having to appear there in person. This is of special importance in large countries. The service provider will also ensure more detailed information about the procedures for obtaining visas, while making the work easier for the embassies and consular offices by reducing the flow of visitors. 

The Foreign Ministry is currently cooperating with “Pony Express”, a company authorised to receive visa applications in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Candidates can submit their tenders by 10 July 2015. Tender Conditions are accessible here.


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