Notice of the Foreign Affairs Ministry regarding the incident in Ukraine

15.06.2014. 16:56

Unofficial translation

Latvia expresses its deepest sympathy to Ukraine in connection with death of 49 people who were killed by armed fighters when they shot down a Ukrainian transport plane. Ukrainian service personnel were en route to a destination where they had to perform their service duties in protecting the unity and integrity of Ukraine.

The tragic act took place in Luhansk during the night from June 13 to 14 when separatists opened fire to the military transport plane on its landing in the airport of Luhansk.

The people of Latvia express their deepest condolences to families and relatives of the deceased and repeatedly approve a full support to the President of Ukraine and the government in their attempts to normalize the situation in the Eastern Ukraine. Latvia stresses that in the current situation it is essential that Russia takes real steps to defend the border of Russia-Ukraine in order to prevent the flow of terrorists and arms to Ukraine.