Presidential elections in Ukraine can be considered legitimate

26.05.2014. 15:57

Unofficial translation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia considers the Ukrainian Presidential elections held on 25 May as legitimate, free and democratic. Notwithstanding the complicated situation in certain regions of Ukraine and the attempts by armed separatists to hinder the country’s citizens from expressing their free will, the elections have taken place in a legitimate manner. The elections were held in compliance with the accepted standards for democratic elections, including in the presence of a broad representation of international observers. From Latvia alone, ten members of the Saeima and three MFA officials participated in the observation of the elections.

Latvia deeply regrets that as the result of illegal annexation by Russia, it was not possible to hold elections in Crimea.

The MFA accentuates that the democratic course of elections and the newly-elected President of Ukraine assuming office will mark a significant step towards stabilizing the situation and further implementation of reforms in the country. The MFA expects that no external destructive pressure will be made on those vital processes. Latvia voices its strong support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Latvia consistently supports the efforts of the Ukrainian Government for peace and stability in the country.