Foreign Ministry draft decree ‘On contribution to OSCE Special Monitoring Mission’ approved

20.05.2014. 17:43

Unofficial translation

On 20 May, the cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia approved a draft decree prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “On contribution to the Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe”. The contribution will be paid to ensure Latvia’s support for an effective functioning of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine. There are plans to pay EUR 20 000 into the mission project.     

Latvia’s contribution to the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine will provide support for the OSCE, which has assumed a key role in defusing tensions in Ukraine. The mandate of the mission comprises collecting information and reporting on the security situation. The mission will report incidents and the competent institutions’ response to them. The mission’s task will also be to monitor and support compliance with human rights, fundamental liberties and national minority rights.

The mission has been charged with a significant role in carrying out stabilisation measures, and therefore it is essential that the required number of the OCSE observers be reached. Thus any amount of additional funds is vital for the successful running of the mission and performing the delegated tasks.

To the MFA’s knowledge, the total funding required by the mission is EUR 22.9 mln, of which, EUR 14.8 mln are still needed.

The payment will be made out of the MFA this year’s budget funds which have been earmarked for contributions to international organisations and saved.