Latvia mourns with Ukrainian people over those killed in Odessa

04.05.2014. 19:01

Unofficial translation

Latvia as the rest of the international community mourns together with the Ukrainian people and offers them deepest condolences over the tragic events in Odessa.

Latvia, along with the international community, strongly condemns violence, provocations and external interference that only creates victims of innocent people, brings disaster and undermines stability in Europe. 

Latvia is certain that Ukraine will undertake a thorough investigation which will enable calling the actual perpetrators to justice. The current events confirm the necessity to achieve an immediate de-escalation of tension in Ukraine.

Latvia, while recognizing Ukraine's efforts towards the restoration of the rule of law in the country, repeatedly calls on all the involved parties to pool their efforts to deal with the consequences of tension. Latvia supports and will support the measures for normalising the situation and is ready to share its experience and provide assistance.

According to reports, on 2 May, at least 43 people perished and almost two hundred were injured, dozens of them seriously, as the result of violent clashes and in a fire in the trade union building in Odessa.