Latvia welcomes U.S. announcement on sending U.S. troop units to military exercise in Baltics and Poland

23.04.2014. 00:18

Unofficial translation

Latvia welcomes the decision by the United States to deploy a troops unit in Latvia as part of military exercises. This U.S. step is a fast and practical response, resulting from the decision of the North Atlantic Council on 16 April to enhance collective defence across the NATO territory, the Baltic states in particular.

The United States decision to enhance NATO's military presence in Poland and the Baltic states demonstrates the U.S. commitment to contribute to security in the Baltic states. By this, NATO reconfirms in practice that it is a military defence organisation, and its core task is collective defence.

As reported earlier, the NATO decision envisages enhancing military presence, which includes more aircraft patrolling the Baltic airspace, more ships in the Baltic Sea, more military exercises and the revision of defence plans. It is essential that NATO continues following the developments and will respond appropriately if necessary.