Latvia welcomes NATO decision on concrete measures to strengthen security of the Alliance

16.04.2014. 23:07

Unofficial translation

At the meeting on 16 April, the North Atlantic Council approved the proposals which  NATO's military authorities had prepared as tasked by NATO foreign ministers at their meeting of 1-2 April, to strengthen the Allied ability to respond to the crisis in Ukraine.

Latvia commends NATO's joint decision to support concrete measures in the air, on land and at sea, which enhance collective defence across the NATO territory, the Baltic states in particular. The NATO decision envisages enhancing military presence, which includes more aircraft patrolling the Baltic airspace, more ships in the Baltic Sea, more military exercises and the revision of defence plans.

NATO reconfirms by this decision that it is a military defence organisation, and its core task is collective defence. NATO continues following the developments and will respond appropriately if necessary.

The North Atlantic Council also accentuates that a political solution to the Ukrainian crisis is the only way forward, NATO fully supports the Geneva talks and the efforts of the international community to find a political solution which would respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and the democratic aspirations of the Ukrainian people. We repeatedly call on Russia to become part of the political solution, to avoid destabilising the situation in Ukraine, pull back its troops from the Ukrainian borders and make clear it doesn’t support the violent actions of the armed pro-Russian militias.