Former Director of French Institute Jean-Louis Leprêtre receives Certificate of Recognition from Foreign Ministry

15.04.2014. 17:28

Unofficial translation

On 14 April, Foreign Ministry Under-Secretary of State for European Affairs Maija Manika presented a Foreign Ministry Certificate of Recognition to former Counsellor for cooperation and culture at the Embassy of France and former Director of the French Institute Jean-Louis Leprêtre in gratitude for his significant personal contribution to promoting Latvia’s image in France.

A number of cooperation projects and events have been realised with Jean-Louis Leprêtre’s assistance both in Riga and regions of Latvia; significant cooperation contacts have been established that later resulted in noteworthy projects, like several events dedicated to the First World War topics. He has largely cooperated with Latvian municipalities and museums: for instance, impressionist paintings were displayed in an exhibition entitled Paindre en Normandie (Painted in Normandy) in the Latvian National Museum of Art in spring 2010.

Having completed his mission as Director of the French Institute in Riga and returned to France, Jean-Louis Leprêtre keeps close contact with Latvia and actively promotes the image of Latvia in France. Jean-Louis Leprêtre was the author of the idea – and worked on it for a whole year – to organise the Days of Latvian Culture, A la découverte d’un Pays Balte: la Lettonie (Discover one of the Baltic states: Latvia) in the city of Uzès in southern France in September and October 2013, at which the art and culture of Latvia were broadly represented. Mr Leprêtre says that, in the wake of the event, the interest in Latvia still remains high, especially because Riga is this year’s European Capital of Culture.

Jean-Louis Leprêtre was Counsellor for cooperation and culture at the Embassy of France in Latvia and Director of the French Institute from September 2007 to September 2011. On 3 May 2011 Jean-Louis Leprêtre was decorated with the Order of the Three Stars for his merits in promoting cultural contacts between Latvia and France and major personal contribution to realising cultural projects important for Latvia. Having returned to Latvia for a brief visit, Jean-Louis Leprêtre is currently staying at the International House of Writers and Translators in Ventspils.