Foreign Minister and AmCham members discuss the situation in Ukraine

14.03.2014. 22:53

Unofficial translation

On 14 March, Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs met with the members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (AmCham) to discuss the current situation in Ukraine, its impact on the security situation in the entire region and potential future scenarios. Foreign Minister Rinkēvičs indicated that serious concerns existed over the present developments in Ukraine and threats to its territorial integrity.

The minister stressed that Russia's actions in the case of the Crimea, violating international law and earlier agreements, was an unprecedented step in the 21st century. Minister Rinkēvičs shared his vision of immediate challenges to be faced not only by the new Ukrainian Government but also international community in order to reduce the current political and economic tension.

Taking stock of the security situation in the Baltic region, the minister noted that "the Baltic states are members of NATO and the EU, which creates a so far unparalleled feeling of security in the region; meanwhile, the Baltic states themselves should continue investing in their security and defence". In addition, Minister Rinkēvičs briefed the audience about the upcoming meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council in 17 March, which will debate the situation in Ukraine and seek a solution for further steps.

Answering the AmCham members' questions on further development scenarios and their potential impact on Latvia in political and economic aspect, Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs expressed genuine hope that the situation in Ukraine would not be escalated to the extent so as to leave an irreversible influence on the economy not only of Latvia but also on that of the entire EU.