Latvian Foreign Ministry State Secretary discusses developments in Ukraine with First Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia

03.03.2014. 12:07

Unofficial translation

On 2 March, the State Secretary of the Foreign Ministry of Latvia Andrejs Pildegovičs had a telephone call with the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Titov to discuss the situation in Ukraine and Russia's provocative reaction.

State Secretary pointed at Russia's responsibility for the ongoing escalation, accentuated that the territorial integrity of Ukraine should be ensured and called for strongly avoiding actions that threaten security and peace in Europe. The dialogue between the European Union and the Russian Federation is also under threat.

State Secretary strongly expressed Latvia's principled opinion that territorial integrity of Ukraine must be observed, and stressed that the decision adopted on 1 March by the Federation Council on the use of Russia's troops in the territory of Ukraine was contrary to the provisions of international law and the international commitments of Russia. State Secretary called on Russia to adopt a constructive position on de-escalation of the situation in Ukraine and to begin a dialogue with the leadership of Ukraine.