Foreign Minister at UN raises the issue of situation in Ukraine

19.02.2014. 19:04

In view of the rapid deterioration of security situation in Ukraine over the past hours that has brought about considerable numbers of injuries and deaths, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the ongoing violence. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs regards as totally unacceptable the disproportionate use of force by Ukrainian authorities against the people of their own country.

The Ministry reiterates its call upon all parties to immediately cease the unacceptable violence and resume dialogue that should be civilised and constructive. Full responsibility for the escalation of the crisis lies with the current authorities. It is the state authorities that must be able to offer an appropriate solution. That would facilitate bringing the country out of the deep crisis and make it possible to avoid provocations by radical circles and a further aggravation of the situation. The Ukrainian leadership has been unable to ensure a civilised dialogue that would have genuinely dealt with the conflict in the country. All constitutional means have not been exhausted to channel the protest movement into a constructive political dialogue, for instance, by announcing an early election. Further escalation and violence have taken place. Those guilty of causing violence must be held responsible.

The Foreign Ministry believes that, in order to stabilise the situation in the country, international institutions should be involved – the OSCE, the United Nations, the Council of Europe. During his visit to New York, the Foreign Minister of Latvia Edgars Rinkēvičs is raising the issue with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

An extraordinary meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council on the situation in Ukraine will be convened in Brussels on 20 February. The Foreign Ministry regards it necessary that the Council consider the issue of possibilities for introducing sanctions against individuals who are responsible for causing violence in Ukraine.