Documents on recognition of Latvia’s restored independence and diplomatic relations shown on Foreign Ministry website

18.08.2011. 20:10

From 21 August onwards, in the framework of celebrating de facto restoration of Latvia’s independence, the exhibition "20 years to the restoration of Latvia’s independence" will be on view in the Voting Room of the Saeima. The exhibition displays documents related to the recognition of Latvia’s restored independence and the renewal and establishment of diplomatic relations (resolutions, agreements, memoranda, communications, press releases, notes, and letters).

The Constitutional law "On the Statehood of the Republic of Latvia", adopted by the Supreme Council on 21 August 1991, gave a strong political impetus for the international recognition of Latvia’s restored independence. Iceland was first to recognize the restoration of Latvia’s independence on 22 August 1991. Further events unfolded rapidly: in August and September of 1991, more than 70 states supported the restoration of Latvia’s independence, and their number had grown to 94 by the end of the year. In 1991, 45 states renewed or established diplomatic relations with Latvia.

The exhibition designed and set up by Jānis Saulīte shows documents from the Political Archive of the Foreign Ministry and the National Archives of Latvia and photographs by Gunārs Janaitis, Boriss Koļesņikovs and Uldis Pāže. The exposition will be on display at the Saeima till 11 September.

The collection of documents "20 years since the restoration of Latvia’s independence: Documents on the recognition of Latvia’s restored independence and diplomatic relations, 1991" is already available in Latvian on the Foreign Ministry website at:

Starting from 15 September, the exhibition will be displayed at the Foreign Ministry. Visits to be arranged in advance with the Foreign Ministry Public Relations Division, telephone 67016447.