Embassies of the Baltic States join hands to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way in India

07.08.2019. 18:02

On August 6, 2019, the embassies of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in India began celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way by bringing together friends of the Baltic States at the foot of the Gate of India on Rajpath lawns. During the celebration, a flower mandala was created in the colors of Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian flags, as well as all the guests joined hands and sang the joint anthem of the Baltics The Baltics Are Waking Up.

Ambassadors of the Baltic states emphasized that the Baltic Way symbolizes the unity in the quest for freedom that flowed between the three nations on August 23, 1989 and is the basis for close friendship today.

Latvian Ambassador Artis Bērtulis pointed out that the Baltic Way is an excellent example of how small nations with strong will can achieve great goals and highlighted the need to continue pursuing new ideals and dreams.

Like the Indian independence movement, the Baltic Way continues to inspire non-violent pursuit of democratic values and freedom.