Applying for the Long Stay (national) visa

20.08.2020. 10:21

As per Cabinet of the Republic of Latvia regulations No. 360 adopted on 9th of June 2020, currently following categories of travellers are allowed to enter to Latvia:

  • the nationals of the Republic of Latvia and their family members whose permanent place of residence is abroad, and also foreigners who, by crossing the territory of the Republic of Latvia in transit, are returning to the country of their permanent place of residence;
  • the nationals of the European Union, European Economic Area, and Switzerland and their family members, and also persons who are permanently residing in these countries in order to return to their country of residence, including in the Republic of Latvia, by crossing the territory of the Republic of Latvia in transit;
  • the employees of the transport and carriage of passengers service providers, the crews of freight or technical voyages who arrive in the Republic of Latvia or exit it upon fulfilling work duties;
  • the carriage of passengers referred to in Sub-paragraphs 35.1, 35.1.1, 35.2, 35.3, and 35.4 of the Regulation;
  • seafarers who must reach their work place aboard a ship or must return from it;
  • foreigners the need for bringing in of whom for the fulfilment of the commitments of merchants in Latvia has been certified by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on the basis of the criteria referred to in Paragraph 59 of the Regulation;
  • foreign diplomats and their family members who are crossing the territory of the Republic of Latvia in transit for the performance of the official functions, and also holders of the diplomatic passport of the Republic of Latvia, the civil servants and employees of the diplomatic and consular service and their family members who return from their service country or who need to get to their service country;
  • the nationals of Latvia who are the members of official delegations or who need to get to their work place within the framework of an intergovernmental project;
  • full-time and exchange programme students if a higher education institution or college has issued a written certification on the matriculation of the student and organisation of studies on site;
  • athletes and sports employees, and also representatives of international sports organisations whose arrival in the territory of the Republic of Latvia is connected with participation as an accredited person in an international sporting event organised by a sports federation recognised in accordance with the procedures laid down by the Sports Law or a member thereof if the aforementioned person can present a document that they have undergone laboratory testing for the diagnostics of COVID-19 not earlier than three days before arrival in the territory of the Republic of Latvia and that COVID-19 infection was not found therein.

Applicants who already possess residence permit in Latvia and whose residence permit card expired during the COVID19 pandemics caused State of Emergency in Latvia (12th of March until 9th of June 2020), can apply for a national (D visa) to entry to Latvia ONLY if they fall under one of the categories that are allowed to enter to Latvia. Visa applications can be submitted through VFS VACs (taking a prior appointment).

Information on Epidemiological Safety Measures for the Containment of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection and self-isolation requirements upon arrival to Latvia are available on the Official COVID19 pandemics in Latvia informative webpage and at hotline 8345.


ALL travelers currently arriving to Latvia from India are required to undergo 14 DAYS SELF-ISOLATION!